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Making a Difference

The CHDS Difference

The participation of CHDS families like yours has made a difference in medical and health research. The CHDS is a landmark study that contributed greatly to medical and scientific knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth, and child development and is now adding to scientific information about adult health and disease.

CHDS data made available to physicians and medical scientists has been used in setting clinical standards for child growth and development and in developing several prevention programs aimed at pregnant women, adolescents, and adults; these programs addressed smoking, alcohol, nutrition, and cancer and heart disease risk. We couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you, CHDS mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters

Because of you and your family's participation, doctors know:

  • Which medicines are safe for pregnant women and their babies
  • Smoking during pregnancy and exposure to second-hand smoke can be harmful to an unborn child
  • Higher blood pressure in pregnancy creates a risk for the fetus. This helps the physician decide who needs special care to protect their babies.
  • Risk factors for teenage smoking
  • Why some men and women are more at risk for infertility
  • Protective factors for aging men and women which may help prevent cancer and heart disease

Read a summary of our findings. A complete list of our scientific publications can be found here.

A Current and Future Treasure

The CHDS began over fifty years ago. We have followed up with thousands of families since they first participated, providing a rich database on health across the lifespan. Because of this foundation, the CHDS is a scientific treasure, allowing important questions about health to be answered without waiting 50 years. Through these studies, CHDS scientists are working to uncover ways to improve health and prevent disease early in life. CHDS scientists study child development, fertility, cancer, mental health, cardiovascular disease, asthma and diabetes.

Because this is a study spanning generations, no one can replace you and your family in our studies. Interested in participating in future follow-up studies? Keep in touch!

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