Preliminary Findings

One of the unique features of the CHDS and the 3Gs Study is that we can compare health and reproduction across generations. Differences that are observed in one generation compared to another are referred to as intergenerational differences. Highlights include:


Differences in education and income:

Body Size:

Breast Cancer Risk Factors:

We know that some communities are more affected than others by certain health issues. These differences are often referred to as health disparities. One of the goals of the 3Gs Study was to investigate health disparities in the CHDS. Highlights of early analyses by race show that:

African-American CHDS daughters are at higher risk of:

Body Size:

Breast Cancer Risk in 2 Generations:

New Funding:

The CHDS has received a grant from the California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP) to extend the Three Generations Study. For this project, the CHDS will partner with Dr. Dean Jones of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. The purpose of the project is to approach the study of environmental risk factors for breast cancer in a different way. Dr. Jones will measure thousands of chemicals in samples provided by CHDS moms during their pregnancies. These are chemicals we absorb from our environment and ones our bodies make. This project will allow us to study: